925 silver bangle with 14K gold plating coler CZ 87396 Kirin Jewelry

925 silver bangle with 14K gold plating coler CZ 87396

Factory Advantage
  • brand : Kirin Jewelry

  • model :  SET87396B

  • Material : 925 Sterling Silver

  • center stone : Cubic Zircon

  • Minimum Order Quantity : 30

  • Payment Terms : T/T, L/C, Western Union, Alipay, Wechat, Bank transfer, wire transfer

  • packaging details : Factory standard(1pcs/1 opp bag) or customized

  • delivery time : Please contact us. we will arrange the fastest shipping schedule for you.

  • QC : Factory QC or Custom

  • Place of origin : China

Product Process
  • Drawing sketching
    (ideas/pictures/jewelry sample)

  • Do 3D modeling

  • Making Rubber model

  • Wax molding

  • Make wax tree

  • Poured metal

  • Grinding molding

  • Electroplating Technology

  • Quality Test

  • Individual product package

  • Bale Packing

  • Packing and Binding

Kirin Jewelry Company is a manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter with about 500 workers, 1.2 million pieces of items annual capacity. We produce 925 sterling silver jewelry in a variety of designs including bracelets, rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, bangles with semi-precious gemstones, synthetic stone and cubic zircon, fine finish with silver, rhodium, rose gold or yellow gold plated.

  • The edition has been revised many times to make it more beautiful

    Advanced 3D modeling ensures that the hole position, gem size and spacing of the lamps are refined with little error, and the manual and computer are modified repeatedly and the test version is modified for countless times

  • Model -360 degrees without dead Angle fine operations

    From the outside to the inside, from the conspicuous place to the hidden place, all products are ground with the finest sand paper of 800 sand points per square centimeter (800 sand points per square centimeter).

  • Mosaic exquisite technology, solid and firm

    Division of labor fine, not only divided into main stone and side stone, according to the process is more divided into micro-set, claw set, package set, boundless set, concave set, each craftsman has been through years of training, specializing in a skill, each take advantage, and keep improving.

Nearly 90% of customers purchase bare stone thickness and choose to continue to finish advanced customization in our store What we're saving is the customers are getting better gems, lower prices. Kirin Jewelry Company, from one to bare rock, from bare rock to Jewelry products, is more efficient and competitive.

  • 1.2 million pieces of items annual capacity
  • 15-45days delivery time
  • The best competitive
  • More than 50,000 designs in the showroom

Sterling Silver

925 sterling silver free of allergenic metals like nickel and coated in rhodium for superior luster and durability. Our 925 sterling silver is always free of allergenic metals like nickel. To ensure superior luster and durability, it's coated in rhodium - a metallic element resistant to corrosion.

  • Our natural, untreated, genuine gemstones may have slight color variations as no two stones are exactly the same.
  • Make it your own by choosing between a Cable, Box, Saturn, Diamond- cut Rolo, Mini Paperclip and Cuban Chain
  • If your Glamour ChicCastle Jewelry has a clear security sticker attached, it must be returned with the sticker unmoved and in its original position. We reserve the right to deny any returns where the security sticker has been removed or tampered with.

We hope you love your Glamour ChicCastle Jewelry for generations. We recommend using your anti-tarnishing polishing cloth to clean your piece regularly and keep them shining like new.

Please avoid the following which can cause damage to the piece:

Do not use any sort of liquid “jewelry cleaner”

Do not expose pieces to soap or any other cleaning agents

Do not expose your jewelry to salt water or chlorine

Do not use a polishing cloth containing any rouge

We want you to be absolutely in Glamour ChicCastle of our designs. We proudly offer a 1-year warranty from date of purchase, and will happily repair or replace your piece if any damage occurs to the material or workmanship.

You’ll be inspired, or we’ll make it right.

A portion of proceeds from all GCC orders benefit our incredible national charity partners

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